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Jun 05

The Whole World Is On (Life) Support

Aussie 200

As I was catching up on my weekend charting today (better late than never, right?) I noticed something special. I didn’t trade yesterday, it was a holiday here and the markets looked junk so I took the day off.  I expected to see something happen today, but nothing really did and now I understand why. …

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May 24

Charting Bare Naked.

Noisier than a night club.

I’ve been emailing a trader recently – let’s call him Carlos – who is in the process of refining his method.  To date, he hasn’t experienced too much success and is on the hunt for answers .  Which is quite a common story, in fact every succesful traders story tends to start that way. The …

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Aug 29

Recognising The Signs of Death…and Life.

Stan Weinstein

In Which Rogue Traderette Reveals All Now, I know he’s a bit eighties; and yes, he does look a little like a cheesy game show host on the front of his book but you have to give credit where it’s due. So Stan Weinstein, I salute you. You are my secret weapon. Or, slightly more …

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