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Feb 14

A Public Flogging. Bring Your Tomatoes.


I’ve been back in the ring for almost 2 weeks now, and I have a problem.  It’s a good sort of problem, but it’s making me more angry than any other trading issue I’ve ever had to overcome.  So maybe it’s not good after all. You see, I’m profitable – which of course is very …

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Feb 05

The Most Neglected Trading Skill Ever – Looking Past The End of Your Nose.

Trend?  I can't see no trend!

After having six weeks away from the markets, it’s great to see that nothing much has really changed. The trends are still trending, the traders are still twittering, and the perpetual $EURUSD bears are still trying to pick a top in a Forex pair that continues to climb. I came back from holidays yesterday to …

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Oct 16

A Profitable System is Only The Beginning

It turns out I’m just a big floozy after all. All a trading system has to do is give me wink and a smile, and I throw myself into its arms like it’s the answer to all my trading prayers. You see, I’m ready to settle down.  I’m tired of the dating scene, and I’m …

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Sep 11

Why My Forex Trade Ideas Suck. In a Good Way.

What more do you want to see?

I get asked every now and then to share my trade ideas with the new currency traders out there, and while it’s really flattering and makes me feel special, I’m hesitant to do it. Why?  Quite simply, because everyone will hate it. My Forex trades will lose everyone money because my win/loss ratio sucks.  In …

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Aug 31

Why The Grass Isn’t Greener

Is this you?

Some people are a little bit mental. I mean, I’m sure they’re lovely and everything, but just raving mad.  In a nice way. I met a trader on Twitter yesterday who was trading FX and the US markets, which of course is very un-crazy and really rather normal.  What I found slightly nutso was that …

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Jul 16

Struggling As A Trader? Part 3 – Blame Your Teachers


In response to some readers requests, I’ve been looking at some of the ways we’ve been hardwired – by our caveman ancestors, our mothers and now our teachers – to fail at trading. Trading is entirely counter-intuitive, and to be successful we need to be able to recognise our natural inclinations and actively work to …

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Jun 26

The Real Reason I’m a Trader

I'm not a mud-crawling kinda girl.

When I was in year 10, my whole year group got carted off to a huge Career Expo in the hope that we would all magically discover the job we were destined for. As I walked around, I was drawn to nothing.  Well, not nothing exactly, there were lots of handsome private school boys to …

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Jun 22

Why ‘Going Home’ Can Beat ‘Going Hard’

Except my kids won't be smiling, cos I'll be whipping their butts ;)

I’m single mumming it this week.  When I found out my husband was going away I was quite looking forward to it – not because he’s difficult to live with, but because it gives me time to be totally selfish. I was going to use opportunity to write my heart out.  I was going to …

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Jun 05

The Whole World Is On (Life) Support

Aussie 200

As I was catching up on my weekend charting today (better late than never, right?) I noticed something special. I didn’t trade yesterday, it was a holiday here and the markets looked junk so I took the day off.  I expected to see something happen today, but nothing really did and now I understand why. …

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May 30

What Every Trading Guru Wanna-Be Needs To Know

Only true Guru's can pull off white pants.

We all know the stats. Apparently, only about 20% of traders actually make money, while 80% don’t.  This is really interesting because it makes websites like Twitter and StockTwits somewhat of a phenomenon.  You see, in these places the stats are different. Socially, only 10% of traders lose money, 20% are legitimate traders earning a …

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