All about Rogue Traderette

Who is Rogue Traderette?

My name is Jess.  I’m an Aussie girl (or maybe I’m a woman – I’m not sure where the cut-off is). I’m a Mum to my daughter and two sons, a wife to my one husband, and a friend to anyone who knocks on the door – particularly if they come bearing red wine.  Or any kind of wine, really.

Mojitos aren’t frowned upon, either.

What kind of name is Rogue Traderette?  Are you like the London Whale who blew $2 Billion dollars ?

Well, the Traderette part is because I’m a girl.  The Rogue part is less about blowing accounts, and more about doing things differently from most people and being a little unexpected. This blog is a reflection of that.

What do you trade?

Right now I trade intraday Forex, focussing on the AUD, EUR, JPY and GBP/USD pairs.  In the past I have had flings with commodities, options, equities and indices, but have found true love with forex.

My style is my own, really.  I look at all timeframes to get the overall story, but trade my ideas off a 5 Minute chart using a systematic approach I designed.  When I say system, it is a strict methodology but not automated because I’m crap at programming…and anyway, an automated program would ruin all my fun.  Discretionary trades are few and far between – only when I can see money lying in the corner, as some famous guy once said.

What’s the purpose of your blog?

To be honest, I was sick of reading trading blogs that made me want to eat my arm with boredom.  I figured there had to be a more fun way to learn about the markets, with fewer headlines and numbers, less arrogance, more truth.

I’d like to say it was started as something that was really for my own benefit and I guess it was in some way, because I started writing it as a way to meet traders – what I didn’t expect was how much positive feedback and community would come from the writing of it.

This blog is pretty much a download of my experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt (and continue to learn), and my hope is that the odd reader out there might manage to take something useful away from it.  The fact that people might be getting a kick out of  reading it is a pretty fabulous bonus :)

I also decided to write this blog because trading can be a lonely and solitary endeavor, and I actually like people. I hope other traders might connect with me on my journey and either be inspired, or on the other hand feel entirely blessed that they are a much better trader than me.   Whoever you are – thanks for visiting. :)



  • AndrewTrader

    HI Jess, I listed to your podcast interview with Trading Heroes. I laughed when you told me how you got started: attending a property seminar and then having a trading system up-sell. I did exactly the same thing with a guy called Peter Spann. He was great on property but really, he had a course on writing covered calls and gave the audience just enough information to be catastrophic. Hence, I lost pretty much everything and after a 6 year break I am going to re-enter this with serious conviction and hopefully this time not be a philanthropic trader and give my money to the market. Look forward to reading your blogs. cheers, Andrew, Dural, NSW

    • Jessica Peletier

      Ha! That sounds just like me! Live and learn :) All the best with your new start!

  • Dano

    Good stuff, Jess! Keep it up

  • Rafael Loaiza

    Excelent blog, I am from Venezuela and live in Spain. I day trade VXX, SPY, XIV among others. I have to say that in the beginning I designed “flawless” strategies that eventually hit my account a few times. Nowdays, I am lucky to say that the premarket activity fluctuations have given me the opportunity to make 20%…. A MONTH! My wife and I can´t believe it yet…

  • Pit Village Trader

    Just found your blog, Jess, but will be following your journey for sure.

  • Jason Matias

    I like this. It is very human. I need to get back to writting and journaling. You might be my inspiration.

  • Taninvest

    good luck trading!

  • saint

    great blog very honest a rarity in this environment.
    cheers Saint

    • Jessica Peletier


  • paul

    Hi Jess,

    I certainly agree that trading teaches you about yourself. It certainly makes you think on a number of levels. Enjoyed your site and look forward to receiving your next post in the mail!

  • Manasi

    Hey Jess… you’ve got such a fun blog! You’re doing a great job of making trading a little more approachable for newbies like me!!

    • Rogue Traderette

      Hi Manasi, so pleased you like my blog! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it :)

  • Gary

    Encountered your witty blog via a link from a FXCM analyst …. any endeavor can use a good dose of humor, so props. Thought did occur that as I’m putting on positions in the land of Yankees and agonizingly long political season, that my losses turn up as profits downunder, as seasons, driving and much else is mirror opposites of things north of the equator. Cheers, GS

  • Jeremy

    Hi Jess,

    I am relatively new trader. A friend of mine told me to check out your blog. I dig it.
    Thanks for being out there!


    • Rogue Traderette

      Hey Jeremy, good to meet you :)

  • Paul Clarke

    HI. I lost about 40% of my account selling naked puts in the crash last August 2011. Coincidentally i was on holiday at the time not far from you at Carrarang station. Going up a hill to get a mobile signal just to watch my money disappear. Boy did that suck! It ruined what was a great holiday.
    So its with great interest i read your posts on: trading while on holidays, stupidity of writing puts and living with your losses. Your posts have a human feel to them and have given me the first spark of inspiration to try trading again, since giving up on options.

    • Alic

      how did you handle the come back from the loss. I have a hard time because i become very scare of the market

  • PeterLBrandt

    I like your blog. It is refreshing and honest. Good luck with your trading.

    • Rogue Traderette

      Thank you Peter! I’m honoured that you visited – I feel like a 12 year old that just caught Justin Beibers eye! :)

  • Mr Editor

    Hey there, I recently stumbled upon your blog and must say that I am impressed! Even though you’ve been trading for only a little over three years now, you seem to write with the proper frame of mind of any seasoned trader. Well done!

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll,

    • Rogue Traderette

      Hey Mr Editor – Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! Very much appreciated! :)

  • Brian Hyde

    I love the blog! I agree that this world of trading can involve much too much time staring at a screen instead of at the people you care about. :)

    Happy Trading!

    • Rogue Traderette

      Hi Brian! Since moving I’m finding I have less and less time in front of the screen – my internet connection only works when it feels like it! lol Which I must admit, is not half as bad as it sounds. I also can only trade from my front porch. As luck would have it, it’s a gorgeous spot to sit. :)

  • Hugh Kimura

    Hi Jessica,

    I like the direction you are taking with this blog. I also agree that trading should be a way to create a lifestyle and freedom. Looking forward to reading your posts!


    PS – Liked the portrayal of the stock trader vs forex trader.

    • Rogue Traderette

      Hi Hugh, thanks for the feedback! I’m really pleased you like the blog :)

  • Bubble Boy


    The funniest line — “In my spare time I am a full-time Mum to my daughter and two sons, a wife to my one husband and a friend to anyone who knocks on the door – particularly if they come bearing red wine.”

    One husband — I’m sure he’s happy to know that. Ha !

    Keep up the good work!

    Bubble Boy Trader

    • jesspeletier

      Hi BBT – may I call you Bubbles? ;)

      You have a great site too – I love your motto, “a journey in holistic finance”. That is a perfect wrap of what I’m trying to achieve.

      Gorgeous pictures, too!

  • Peter Bissinger


    I am new to Fx trading, as recently as my 3 week travel to Australia, when I stumbled upon your very enjoyable articles (during my jet-lag plagued nights).
    It is wonderful how you lead and discuss your trading life.

    Kind regards,

    • jesspeletier

      Hi Peter,
      I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! I love writing it so it’s great to hear some positive feedback – to be honest I’m just thrilled that people are reading it! :)
      All the best with your trading, and enjoy your time in Australia!

      • @Mytradingarmy

        OK, I’ve been on here for an hour now! Seriously! Well it was a nice distraction – I’ve enjoyed your views and outlook on trading – much respect for doing exactly what you want to do without having to aneser to anybody but yourself!

        I actually arrived here after reading a convo between you annd Hugh (above) on Twitter. You should find a email somewhere from me soon (if I can find your addy on here)

        • Jessica Peletier

          Use the contact form in the Ask Me Anything tab :)