All about Rogue Traderette

Who is Rogue Traderette?

My name is Jess.  I’m an Aussie girl (or maybe I’m a woman – I’m not sure where the cut-off is). I’m a Mum to my daughter and two sons, a wife to my one husband, and a friend to anyone who knocks on the door – particularly if they come bearing red wine.  Or any kind of wine, really.

Mojitos aren’t frowned upon, either.

What kind of name is Rogue Traderette?  Are you like the London Whale who blew $2 Billion dollars ?

Well, the Traderette part is because I’m a girl.  The Rogue part is not so much because I’m hopeless with risk, but because I’ve gone rogue on having a normal life.  I like to do things differently, try new things and be a little unexpected. This blog is a reflection of that.

What do you trade?

Right now I trade intraday Forex, focussing on USD pairs.  In the past I have had flings with commodities, options, equities and indices, and plan to get back to them when my FX isn’t my main focus.

What’s the purpose of your blog?

It started as something that was really for my own benefit.  I love to write it because it helps to download my experiences and the lessons I’ve learnt (and continue to learn), and I love to read it because it refreshes my memory and helps me re-learn things that didn’t sink in the first time.

I also decided to write this blog because trading can be a lonely and solitary endeavor, and I like people. I hope other traders might connect with me on my journey and either be inspired, or on the other hand feel entirely blessed that they are a much better trader than me.   Whoever you are – thanks for visiting.