Jun 12

Why Smiling At Nutters Is A Risky Business

I’ve never really been a cat-fight kind of girl.  Same as I’ve never been a jelly-wrestling kind of girl.  I quite like jelly – I’m just not much into wrestling.   Fighting and wrestling seem to be a particularly painful ways to win something.

I’m a bit more passive that way – I like to talk instead.  Until I win. :)

But I did have to hit someone once.  A girl.

I didn’t start it.  I was walking to work one day when a girl I didn’t know passed me.  She started ranting about how I’d stolen her boyfriend – she was clearly a nutter and because nutters are funny, I gave her a big grin.

So she took a swipe at me.  I really should know better than to smile at weirdos, but that’s me – I can’t seem to help it.  I was conveniently close to a small lunch bar that was run by a couple of guys I knew so I disappeared in there, hoping she was too drunk to bother chasing me.

Unfortunately she wasn’t. She was actually pretty quick, because she got to me before I could hide in the kitchen.  Like I said, I’m not much of a fighter – I’m rather more inclined to hide and avoid a mangled face.

But sometimes you have no choice.  Sometimes, it’s punch or be punched.  To be honest, I can’t guarantee I actually connected in any meaningful way – and it’s probably just as well because if I had I might have hurt my hand.

My friend from the kitchen pulled the crazy girl away from me before I could get in a well-timed upper-cut, and carted her off to the cops.  Which was a shame, I’m sure we could have been mates if she’d just let me talk.

I talk with my mouth, not my fists.


 Which Brings Me To The Markets.

Sometimes, the markets drive me nuts.  The only other thing that has ever caused me to punch anything out of sheer frustration is Centerlink – and they do it on purpose in the hope you’ll give up so they won’t have to give you money.  No money is worth that kind of punch-the-wall frustration, not even free money.

As much as I love being a trader there are times where I feel like smashing the markets in the face because they are so damn annoying.

There are times when you’re right, but you lose money anyway.  When your stop gets taken by the spread and then price goes without you.  When you have a run of losses and feel so out of touch and can’t understand why you’re getting chopped to pieces when you were so on-the-money just a few days ago.

When things are rocking you feel like nothing will ever go wrong again, and when they do it’s a shock.  The market has given you a nudge, and you’re suddenly off balance.  Suddenly, you find yourself knocked out of the prime trading zone you were in, and as hard as you try you can’t regain your equilibrium.

These can mount up to be “I’m so freaking frustrated I could kick my laptop” moments.  This is Centerlink on the phone telling you to go into an office, when the office has just told you to ring.

The difference here is that Centerlink is making you jump for free money – trading is not free money.  It can be the most expensive money you’ll ever earn, and sometimes it’s not worth it.

Sometimes, it’s best to sit out.  Take a couple of days/weeks off, and let the market settle.  Just because the market threw the first punch does not mean you have to fight back – there are times when you’re better off just hiding.


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